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How to wear your scarf for a preview/chic party ?

Who never dream to walk on a red carpet next to our favorite movie stars…? Everyone, I guess, so today let’s dream together, let’s suppose that you’re invited to a preview, maybe not that prestigious than for an american blockbuster but a film is a film. So, in this post we are going to see how to dress and wear your wonderful scarf to show your elegant taste to the entire world.

1) As a stole:

First of all, you have to really understand that it’s just a preview ok? it’s not the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, so you have to be chic but not exagerate with your dress, make-up or hairstyle.

shawl-patterns-quai aux fleurs-trendy

Comtesse Sofia

This outfit is perfect for a preview because it is sober but chic, she wears a pretty black dress but the shawl sublimates her outfit and gives her the elegant touch.

look-inspiration-dress-red carpet-cool

2) As a belt:

You can also have fun with your scarf and wear it differently, a scarf as a belt will give you a very trendy and original look and will make you stand out from the other women.


Wearing a scarf as a belt will sublimate your outfit and give it a cool and trendy way.

 3) As a headband:

The outfit is really important but the make-up and the hairstyle are too. So, you can distance yourself by wearing a headband, hairstyles with scarf are THE trend of this year, so don’t hesitate to boost your look and outfit.


Comtesse Sofia



The trendiest way to wear your headband are either like in the first photo as a turban, really pretty and chic or as in the second one with a bun.

We told you, scarf is the new trendy accessory, so don’t hesitate to try new things with it, just have fun!

I hope you’ve liked this post and if it helped that means that you are very lucky to go to a preview, don’t hesitate to tell us if you did and give us details by leaving a reply.



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Scarf in the city: get the New-York look!

foulard-comtesse-sofia-galleryCarrie Bradshow, who doesn’t know this name, not you obviously, the most famous fashionista in the TV show’s history. She’s always a fashion model and evey look that she wore was analyzed. After Ashley Olsen, today, we ‘re going to see how to get her look by staying trendy with a scarf.

Let’s see her different looks:



This first look is very « manhattan », a 30 years-old working woman. It’s classy and elegant but also very trendy, heels, little dress, fashion coat and a little scarf around the neck for the very chic touch.




Carrie was very precursory of trends because this way to wear her scarf as a turban is as we saw in previous articles the trend of the year, so to remember how to do it click here.




This last look is very summery, you wear your scarf as a headband around the top of your head and tie it behind your head. This look is very inspiring and trendy, and Carrie knows how to wear it and sublimate it.



She was a real fashionista with a very good taste, so, I hope this post inspired you and that you liked it. As always, don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about it and if you want us to do an article in particular, just leave a reply.




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How to wear a scarf: men’s

Ladies and gentlemen, today we are going to see different ways to wear a scarf. You’re going to tell me “oh there’s still other ways” or “again?” but don’t worry today it concerns men. We already did a post about the perfect gift for a man and if you followed our advices, you must be wondering “how can he wear it” or you sirs “how can I wear my scarf to stay trendy and chic”… So let’s see this together.

We are going to see 4 different ways to wear it:

trendy-scarves-stole-men-hwo to-tuto

The slip knot:



  1. Fold the scarf in half.
  2. Drape around your neck with the loop on one side and the two ends on the other.
  3. Pull the ends through the loop.


The wraparound:



1. Fold the scarf in two 
2. Drap around your neck with the both ends at the same side
3. Put the ends through the loop


 The necktie:



  1. Drape the scarf around your neck with one side a little bit longer than the other.
  2. Wrap the longer end around the shorter end.
  3. Pull the longer end up and through the empty space, then down through the loop created in the front.
  4. Slide the knot up or down as you desired.


The Four-In-Hand:

four in hand-look-inspiration-chic-elegant


  1. Fold the scarf in half.
  2. Drape around your neck with the loop on one side and the two ends on the other.
  3. Pull one of the ends through the loop.
  4. Twist the loop, then pull the second end through the new loop.
  5. Pull tight and adjust as you desired.

Comtesse Sofia

I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and that will help you. You can obviously leave a reply or share this article. You can also see other men’s looks and inspirations by clicking here.



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How to dress to travel?

Ladies, today we are going to talk about travelling and how to dress to feel comfortable during it. We all already wondered what am I gonna wear to take the plane or train but how to dress not being too cold or too warm. It’s quite difficult to find the perfect outfit, but Comtesse Sofia will try to help you. Let’s started…

To take the train:

For the train, you can dress as if you were going to take your car for a long travel, it’s almost the same, you have to dress comfortable because you are going to sit for a long time (it depends on  your destination of course).



Comfortable and casual don’t mean old-fashioned or slovenly, as in this photos, you can stay very feminin and chic even in the train sation, you can even wear heels like Kate Middleton.


To take the plane:

Millions of people are expected to show up at the airport this summer so even if you’re on holiday, you might not want to look like you never opened a fashion magazine. We do admit that travel outfits need to be comfortable and practical, so today we are going to give you some tips on what to wear to travel in the summer. Practical can also be stylish and chic!


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, pinterest.com

As her, you can also wear a casual look with just a jacket, a tee-shirt and jeans. Be careful with jeans, make sure to wear a stretchy pair. As for the accessories, Rosie carries a big bag to put all her essentials in (toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes, moisturizer.. .) and a scarf to keep warm when it’s a little chilly on the plane because of the air-con.

So, what do you think about this article and our tips? And you what do you wear when you take the train/plane? Don’t hesitate to tell us by leaving a reply and you can also share this article.





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How to look good for a job interview?

Today, we continue our serie of “How to look good for…”, after the first day of work, for a date…in this post, we are going to give you some tips to know how to dress for a job interview. We are going to see some look which might give you inspiration, and if you already have a job or that you’re not looking for one now, you can use this article for an important meeting for example.

The first look is a basic one, black pants, black blazer and blue shirt, classic but it always works, you’re sure that you’r not going to do a mistake by wearing it. You can upgrade this look by wearing a little scarf around your neck to give to your outfit an elegant and chic touch.

how to work-chic-cool-pretty-cute-pants-black



The second look is a little bit more hype, fashionistas get ready, the flare pants is back and it’s pretty chic for a job interview with a little jacket with a belt and a bag with the same color as the belt. For the hair, stay simple, a classic hairstyle will be good.



The last look is a little bit more feminin, you can wear a pretty skirt with a basic top, high heels and the chic touch: the trench coat, it’s a safe bet. You’ll look classy, elegant and very professional.



I really hope you enjoyed this post, so don’t forget to visit this blog regularly to learn more tricks and keep trendy. So do not hesitate to tell us if you want us to do an article about a precise subject in this serie, just leave a reply !


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How to wear your scarf like Olivia Palermo ?

Today, we continue our serie “how to wear your scarf like your favorite celebrity” and after Ashley Olsen or Amy Winehouse, we are going to see the looks inspiration of Olivia Palermo. Since a few years, she became an international fashion icone, the one who began just as a it girl. She knows how to dress for any occasion and never made any fashion faux pas. So, let’s see her different looks with scarves.

The first look is quite basic but the scarf gives it an elegant and chic touch. You can wear this outfit for work or a job interview for example. To know how to tie your scarf around your neck it is very simple, you can see the tutorial here.




For her second look with a scarf, it is for a hairstyle. Indeed, Olivia Palermo loves to mix different style and this one is really successfull. She mixed a sweat-shirt and a skirt with a turban, this outfit is very elegant and feminin.



The last look, we’ve also already seen it in our previous post, she wears her scarf as a belt. She wears a very pretty skirt with a basic top and between them, she tied a scarf as a belt. It gaves her a really elegant and original look and it’s easy to reproduce it for you.

comtesse-sofia-scarves-scarf-look-inspiration-belt-how to-olivia-palermo


Now, you know how to get the Olivia Palermo’s look! I hope this post inspired you and that you’ve liked it. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think and which look is your favorite.



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How to dress for Valentine’s day ?

Today, we start with a little game, what is for you the most romantic day of the year, if you’re a romantic comedies as probably everyday girl in the world, you’ll answer : Valentine’s day of course ! So, who says special day or occasion says special outfit, but once again don’t worry Comtesse Sofia will answer to your detress call. After the first date, the new year’s eve, this post will help you to know how to dress for the valentine’s day.

1) In a very chic restaurant:

He invites you to the famous and trendy restaurant where you dreamed to go! For this occasion, you have to look gorgeous; don’t worry Comtesse Sofia is here to give you some advices. To look glamorous and chic you have to put on your most fabulous dress, to do an amazing hairstyle and make-up. For the final touch, what about wearing a shawl, it will protect you from the low temperatures of February and it will sublimate your outfit in the same occasion.


Comtesse Sofia


2) For a first date:

If your first or even second date fall the valentine’s day, you don’t need to give your best shot this night. Start slowely, be as cute as possible but try to not fall in the “too much”. What we advice you is to dress well with for example your favorite dress, the one in which you feel comfortable, little shoes and for example put the trendy touch in your hairstyle or in your accessories. If you want to see some trendy hairstyles with a scarf, click here.


Comtesse Sofia

3) For an evening at home:

It’s not because you’re not out that it means you don’t have to do some efforts, on the contrary, make the most of the opportunity to be sexiest than never for example! Make a home-made meal, light some candles, put the music on…everything for a very romantic atmoshpere, it will make you look sexy anyway. Put your sexiest dress and enjoy your evening.

comtesse-sofia-scarves-scarf-valentine's day-dress-sexy-outfit-inspiration


I really hope you’ve liked our advices, don’t heistate to tell us what did you wear or in general what did you think about this post by leaving a reply or share it.






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