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Which gift for Valentine’s day (women version)

Tik Tak, gentlemen, the most romantic day of the year is coming… but i’m hearing wondering « what do you mean ? » « which romantic day ? »… I really hope you’re jocking but unfortunatelly for some of you, you don’t really know. This big day is Valentine’s day of course ! And who says romantic day says gift ; but don’t worry , Comtesse Sofia is here to advice you as we already did on our previous posts about birthday or christmas. So, follow the guide !

1) The classic one:

Which women doesn’t like jewels? Of course, not yours! This gift will always make a woman happy but you have to not make a mistake, so we advice you to choose something simple, don’t hesitate to ask your mother or sister to help you to choose it or even the sales clerk, he will give you good advices, I guess. Don’t choose something really expensive because you’ll have to do better on her birthday or Christmas, so don’t put the bar very high.

comtesse-sofia-scarves-gift-valentine's day-woman-jewel-gold-silver


2) The sexy one:

Who says romantic day or night says sexy outfit, so if you know that your wife/fiancée/girlfriend and you will pass a good evening, you can offer her sexy clothes, of course it can be lingerie but it can also be a very sexy dress or top that you know she had a crush on it.

comtesse-sofia-scarf-scarves-dress-sexy-outfit-gift-valentine's day


3) The original one:

This is an original gift : it is less complicated than perfume and it’s more personal than flowers or chocolates. It is a suitable gift for every women and can be worn for any occasion and compliments any garment. Thanks to the wide range of colors you can choose your gift for a particular event. Anyway, wearing this scarf sends out the image of someone who takes care of himself. It can be worn around the neck. This a comfortable trend.

carmine-scarves-comtesse-sofia-gift-valentine's day-red

Comtesse Sofia


I really hope this post helped you to find your special gift for this special and romantic day. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you and which gift did you offer by leaving a reply.


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How to wear your scarf like in fashion shows 

Right now it’s the fashion week in Paris, and the thing that we’ve noticed is that this year the scarf has been in the place of honour. Wether it is during the fashion shows or in the front rows, everyone seemed to have a crush for this classy and trendy accessory






To know how to wear your scarf in a very trendy way, here is a simple tutorial :

  1. Diagonally fold the scarf in two so it forms a triangle.
  2. Hold the scarf in front of you and cross the loose ends behind your neck, bringing them to your chest.
  3. You can leave them hanging, or you can make a knot! 

Comtesse Sofia

It works very well with scarves of all sizes. You are now ready to attend any show by looking elegant and trendy.



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New Year’s Eve : how to wear your scarf!

Hello ladies ! As you know, New Year’s Eve is coming so that means party but also new outfit to wear, and after Christmas Eve and Christmas, maybe you had use all your ideas. But don’t worry, Comtesse Sofia is here to help you. In this post we are going to see how you can up a basic outfit thanks to your scarf. So, after how to wear it for a date or a wedding, let’s see how to wear your scarf for the New Year’s eve.


The first look is quite basic, just a little black dress that you will accessorize to sublimate it. If you know that your party will be a very well-dressed one, don’t hesitate to wear your scarf as a shawl. Put the shawl on your shoulders and tie it very lightly on your cheast.


Comtesse Sofia

For the second look, if it’s a party with friends or family, you can wear your scarf in your hair by trying chic and simple hairstyles. You can try different looks,but the most trendiest are the turban and the bun. It will really sublimate your outfit.


Comtesse Sofia

bun-chic-cute-look-inspiration-scarves-how to


The last advice is to wear your scarf as a belt, you can do it as for the first look to upgrade a classic dress but you can also do it to give an original and hype style at your look.

belt-new year-eve-cute-chic-pretty-cool

Comtesse Sofia

Now, the only thing you have to do is to choose the way you want to wear your scarf and don’t hesitate which one did you choose, by leaving a rely.




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Ideas of gift : for men

Hello ladies, Christmas is coming and if you still don’t have any idea of gift for your boyfriend, husband, fiancé… this post is for you. Today, Comtesse Sofia is helping you to find the perfect gift to offer at Christmas. After showing you the 3 secrets to offer the best gift, we are now interested by men, let’s started!

1) The Watch:

If you want to mix coquetry and usefulness, the watch is the perfect idea for a Christmas gift. He is always late (or not) and he loves fashion almost as you, so he’ll love this present.


Men Watch Hugo Boss

 The SmartBox:

If you man is more adventurer than fashionista (we can obviously be both), this idea is for you, it’s a little bit more impersonal but you’re sure to not make a mistake.


Adrenaline Smartbox

 3) The scarf:

The trendiest accessory by Comtesse Sofia is also declined for men, it will give a very chic and elegant way at his outfit, he will  always want to wear it. It’s really a perfect gift for Christmas, original, chic and trendy. You can also see how he can tie it, by clicking here.


Comtesse Sofia


I really hope that this post helped you to find the perfect gift for your man, don’t hesitate to leave a reply to let us know what did you think about this article or you can share it too!





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A scarf as a gift? Tips from Comtesse Sofia

This is an original gift : it is less complicated than perfume and it’s more personal than flowers or chocolates. It is a suitable gift for women or men and can be worn for any occasion and compliments any garment. Thanks to the wide range of colors you can choose your gift for a particular event.


Comtesse Sofia


Why choose a Comtesse Sofia scarf as a gift?

Our scarves are particularly suitable for gifts because they can bring a splash of color to your warbrode and  brighten up any occasion. A beautiful Comtesse Sofia scarf  is a smart and unexpected gift that will surprise and delight the new owner, a timeless classic to match any  taste in clothing.

Whom and for what occasions could we offer Comtesse Sofia scarf?

This is a perfect gift for any friend, family member or acquintance. Why nor offer a Comtesse Sofia scarf for Christnas, a birthday, for a promotion or retirement from work, or simply  just to thank someone.

What scarf Comtesse Sofia could we  offer to a man?

It  can be a silk scarf with simple natural tones and subtle print. It will bring the sweet notes to the classical men outlift and will replace a scarf or tie. Someone more casual can wear a scarf in cotton or wrinkeled effect scarf.


Comtesse Sofia

Anyway, wearing this scarf sends out the image of someone who takes care of himself. It can be worn around the neck. This a comfortable trend.




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How to sublimate your scarf?

You’re clearly a big fan of scarves, you have already one or many but you don’t really know how to wear it to sublimate it. Don’t worry it’s just a lack of inspiration and Comtesse Sofia is here to help you and give you some advices to learn how to wear your scarf in a 2014 trendy way.

 Transform and sublimate your scarf

We are going to give you some simple advices that will transformate the traditionnal way you wear your scarf.


 If you want to be trendy and elegant when you’re out, tie delicatly your scarf around one of the cuff of your bag ; that will give a casual effect but that will stay chic.



Do you ever customize your jeans ? If you not, let me show you how you can do it with your scarf.

It’s quite simple, you just have to use your scarf as a belt, it’s a very hype trend this season and that will sublimate your outfit.



Another fashionable trend this season, it’s the scarf tied around your bun, we’ve seen it on many celebrities among others.



Last trend, the necklace-scarf ! Very original and trendy, it goes to every women of any ages.



Which is your favorite trend ? Tell us by leaving a reply and don’t hesitate to share this article.







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Which make-up for which situation?

As you’ve already seen in our previous article about the color of the skin, colouring in general is something really important. Today, we are going to see what kind of make-up you can wear with your beautiful scarf. Make-up is like accessory,nyou don’t need too much if you don’t want to look disguised. You also have to adapt your make-up to the occasion. So, we are going to see how to make-up for 3 different situation…let’s started !


Make-up of the weekend :

The most important rule for an everyday’s make-up is: less is more. Indeed, during your weekends at home, you don’t need to make-up outrancely, just be natural. You’re maked-up the rest of the week, so for a day or two, just let your skin breath, it’s very important. You can obviously make-up a little if you want, but stay light, use a nude make-up for example.

inspiration-cute-chic-pretty-blush-how to


Make-up at work :

 For an work’s make-up, you will wear more make-up than at home, but be careful to not fall in the « too much » side. First, it depends of your work, for example if you have commercial contact with clients , you will put a particular attention to the way you make-up but if you are just behind an office all day and that you only see 2 or 3 collegues a day, you can allow yourself to be more natural, but be careful I don’t say no make-up at all, just a little bit neutral.



Night out’s make-up :

Here again, it depends of the evening, the make-up won’t be the same for a cinema or for a reception for example. But you can put an more worked make-up, for example a smoky eyes. There is just one rule even you have a sophisticated makeup, it’s to choose between making up your eyes or your mouth.

I explain : if you have a really pronounced smoky eyes with eyeshadow eyeliner and mascara, dont’t put a really red lipstick, it’s considered as an error of taste, and the same for the contrary, if you put a flashy lipstick, stay light on the eyes.



I hope you enjoy this post and don’t hesitate to leave a reply to tell us what did you think about our advices or share it if you want.



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