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Different ways to wear a scarf

The cold, the wind and this grey sky which seems to have become permanent scenery, Yes ladies, winter is well and truly here! How about adding some colors in this greyish weather and not to allow ourselves to be down in the doldrums?  Like I previously told you, this piece of silky cloth called scarf, will brighten up your day with its infinite colors and patterns and it should be a girl’s favorite accessory.

Let’s wear it around our waist today! Wearing a scarf as a belt is not limited to just put it around your waist and tie it and end of it. A scarf is a versatile outfit accessory, that a synonym of scarf should be infinity! You will discover from article to article that it will become quite impossible not to get excited to discover new ways to wear a scarf.


Different ways to wear a scarf as a belt, photo from,,,

Put aside your black scarves during the day, leave it for the evening glamour and add some peps to your journey. A scarf can be so effortless to wear, yet to stylish and fashionable. You just wrap and tie around your waist however it does not end here, what will make you stand out of the crowd, is the ways you will wear it and most importantly, the outfit on which you will wear the scarf. Wear your scarves around a skirt, a trench coat, a dress, a loose pullover and of course, over a jean. In a previous article we showed you how to tie your scarf in a bow tie; this knot can add some fantasy to your scarf belt.


Outfit accessory-scarf under a belt, photo from,,,

Make it a rule to wear a scarf will add color to your outfits and you will be cute as a button. Scarf as a belt and now, belt on scarves! Take a shawl, wear it either around your neck or on your shoulders and just wear your belt on it, easy, simple and stylish!


Night on the island scarf, New collection Comtesse Sofia, Victoria from Minimalist Chic Paris

The charming Victoria is wearing the Night on the island scarf from our new collection. I think a scarf is a perfect accessory to enhance an outfit.


Why not try the Madrugada in Madrid scarf, which adds a French touch seduction to any outfit?

I’ll keep you posted on the various tips of scarf tying and new ways to wear scarves


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Which make-up for which situation?

As you’ve already seen in our previous article about the color of the skin, colouring in general is something really important. Today, we are going to see what kind of make-up you can wear with your beautiful scarf. Make-up is like accessory,nyou don’t need too much if you don’t want to look disguised. You also have to adapt your make-up to the occasion. So, we are going to see how to make-up for 3 different situation…let’s started !


Make-up of the weekend :

The most important rule for an everyday’s make-up is: less is more. Indeed, during your weekends at home, you don’t need to make-up outrancely, just be natural. You’re maked-up the rest of the week, so for a day or two, just let your skin breath, it’s very important. You can obviously make-up a little if you want, but stay light, use a nude make-up for example.

inspiration-cute-chic-pretty-blush-how to

Make-up at work :

 For an work’s make-up, you will wear more make-up than at home, but be careful to not fall in the « too much » side. First, it depends of your work, for example if you have commercial contact with clients , you will put a particular attention to the way you make-up but if you are just behind an office all day and that you only see 2 or 3 collegues a day, you can allow yourself to be more natural, but be careful I don’t say no make-up at all, just a little bit neutral.


Night out’s make-up :

Here again, it depends of the evening, the make-up won’t be the same for a cinema or for a reception for example. But you can put an more worked make-up, for example a smoky eyes. There is just one rule even you have a sophisticated makeup, it’s to choose between making up your eyes or your mouth.

I explain : if you have a really pronounced smoky eyes with eyeshadow eyeliner and mascara, dont’t put a really red lipstick, it’s considered as an error of taste, and the same for the contrary, if you put a flashy lipstick, stay light on the eyes.



I hope you enjoy this post and don’t hesitate to leave a reply to tell us what did you think about our advices or share it if you want.



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How to dress to face the winter?

Winter is well and truly back ladies, so if you are sensitive to cold like us, this post is for you. Besides the cold, there is also the risks of all the diseases typical from the winter. Today , we are going to give you some advices to know how to face the winter.


1) The clothes:

The most important cloth during the winter, the thing that you’ll always wear is the coat. You will have it for several months, so be careful when you’ll buy it. We know that fashion is very important but the matter and the quality are also two very important factors. Don’t hesitate to choose matter like real wool to be sure that your coat will stay all winter long.


2) The accessories:

To face the winter, you will need more than just a coat, so here are some examples of accessories that we advice you.

A pair of boots: shoes are always very important and in winter, the best for you and your foots are boots, you can wear it under rain, in snow or just when it’s cold. There is different kind of boots, normal boots, low boots… it depends of you and of your outfit obviously.


The scarf: The other most important accessory for winter is the scarf. During cold days, you need to feel comfortable with your outfit and a scarf protect you from cold snaps and highlight yopur outfit at the same time. To know how to tie it, click here.


You are now ready to face the winter and to face it with style! I really hope you’ve like this post and don’t hesitate to share it or leave a reply, we will answer you with pleasure.








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Which colour of scarf for my skin

In a previous post, we talked about which color you can wear according the color of your eyes, so today, we continue this serie by publishing an article about choosing the colour of your clothes, scarves…according the color of your skin.

As a shopaholic that you are, you probably already have your dressing flooded by all kind of clothes and accessories, but there is one that you never wear or maybe don’t know how to wear it : your scarf. Don’t worry, we are going some advice to choose it correctly. First you have to know that as we’ve said previously, the color is really important because either it will light up you face and yout outfit or on the contrary it will totally ruin it.

banner-blog-how to-accessory-stylish-hairstyle

Fair mixed-race skins :

We advice you to choose a scarf with flowers patterns that will highlight your coloring and put forward your chest. For example, the Afternoon On Carmine Street scarf would be perfect for you .The red colour on this scarf is a warm colour which is perfect for your type of skin ?


Comtesse Sofia

White skins :

You can wear almost everything but favorise colours close to your skin, for example nude colours as light pink, white, beige and others shades like this. You can obviously wear basics like black.


Comtesse Sofia

Black skins :

Choose colours like khaki, beige or camel which will be more appropriate for you and will highlight your coloring. You can also choose a pattern scarf with sparkling colours ideal for you. The Cyparisse Breeze  from Comtesse Sofia for example, will look ravishing on you.

pretty-turban-accessory-cute-chic-hairstyle-head-how to

Comtesse Sofia
La belle de Cadiz

I hope you enjoy this post and that it helped you to find the perfect colour for your skin. Don’t hesitate to leave a reply or to share this article.





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How to get a 50′s and 60′s look with a scarf

This new post is devoted to the 50′s and 60′s and to symbolized this different looks, who’s better than the chameleon of fashion, the most famous hit girl in the world, i’m obviously talking about the one and only Kim Kardashian. Despite of all the negative criticism about her, Kim Kardashian won recognition these last couple of years as one of the most famous and photographed people in the world. She loves changing her look and today, we’re going to take interest in her 50′s and 60′s looks inspiration.

Kim Kardashian’s look has really came on a great deal these last years, so here is the first look that we suggest you. You must already know how to tie your scarf like this, we’ve seen it in a previous post, it’s quite easy.


This gorgeous outfit looks very 60′s, very chic and casual at the same time, ideal for a girls’ night out for exemple.


The strength of Kim Kardashian is that she has a very eclectic style, she can wear a casual look one day, and a very glamorous one the next day, she doesn’t want to be confine in one well-known style.


The second look is much more classy, very old hollywood. We’ve noticed that Kim Kardashian really loves the glamorous looks of the 40′s and 50′s when she treads upon the red carpet. With this scarf tied this way on her head, we immediatley remember Grace Kelly and others great actresses of the old Hollywood.

Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about this post, and if you want to get one about another star’s look inspiration.


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How to wear your scarf like Cara Delivingne

Cara Delevingne became in just couple of years one of the most famous and talented supermodel in the whole world. Thanks to her new status, she also became the muse of a lot of prestigious brand like Chanel or Yves Saint-Laurent. So, after showing you how to wear your head scarf like Ashley Olsen, today we are going to learn you how to put it like the elegant and trendy Cara Delevingne.


This first look is very easy to do and also to wear. It’s a bohemian look inspiration. You just have to take your scarffold and put it on your forehead and make sure the 2 ends are of the same length at the nape of your head and then just tie it behind your loose hair.

pretty-chic-inspiration-trendy-how to-head

The second look inspiration is how to wear a head scarf with a bun. It’s almost the same as the previous look but here you have to tie your scarf on your nape of the neck and let the knot appear at your right or left.


The last look is more elegant and chic, it is a 50′s inspiration, very « old hollywood ».To have this glamorous look, you just have to fold your scarf in two, put it on your head and tie it under your chin. Now you look trendy and very chic.


All this looks are quite easy to do, so have fun by trying all of them and see which one suits you the most, if it’s all of them, lucky you!! Don’t hesitate to share this post and to leave a reply, see you soon for another amazing post.









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How to wear a scarf for a date?

Every girl who read this post already knows this situation: what am I going to wear for my date tonight? or tomorrow night? for the most organized among you. It obviously depends of the place where you’ll go but for the most of the dates, they take place in a restaurant or in a cinema. After how to wear your scarf for a first day of work, let’s see how to wear it for a date.

The 3 reasons for you to wear a scarf for a date:

1) The scarf is a very trendy accessory, it can higlight a basic dress and gives a very chic and elegant way to your outfit.

2) If you don’t want to ruin your outfit by wearing a jacket, a scarf will be lighter and more elegant.

3) Even if it’s summer during the day, you can also have fresher evenings so, a scarf is a good idea to not getting cold.

pretty-chich-elegant-date-red-how to

You can wear your scarf in different ways, so here are some examples:

First of all, you can be original and trendy by wearing it as a belt, on your trench or on a basic black dress for example, you tie it under your chest and…that’s it, you’re ready for your date.


Comtesse Sofia

You can also adopt a very loose look, you don’t tie your scarf you just let it fall on your shoulders either on your chest or on your back, it gives a very trendy look.


Comtesse Sofia

The last look is really chic and goes to every woman, you round your scarf around you neck and tie it normally, it really highlits your outfit and give you an elegant and pretty look for your date.

scarf-elegant-dresse-how to-inspiration-date

Comtesse Sofia

So here you are ready to go out and have a romantic date, I hope that you’ve liked this post and that it helps you. Don’t hesitate to tell us what did you think about it by leaving a reply or share it.





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