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How to wear and tie a shawl

Today will be about shawls. If you wish to know more about the different types of scarves, you can do so by clicking here. A wrap is an accessory for every event, it is a long scarf that can be worn either around the shoulders or on the head. It can be romantic, glamourous, retro. . . the possibilities are endless and it never objects to doing what you ask of it. The perfect companion!


scarves-shawls-comtesse-sofia-look-style-pretty-accessory (left), Escape to Montauk by Comtesse Sofia (right)

Wraps come in any fabric. We have a soft spot for natural fabrics, especially cotton and wool. Continue reading

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How to tie a scarf with jewels

If you have jewels you do not wear often, you may like this post. Conversely, if you frequently wear jewels, keep reading too. We are going to show you a quick, easy and chic way to tie your scarf with a piece of jewelry. A ring, a bracelet, a necklace will customize your scarf and add a glamourous touch to your outfit like a cinema star. It is also a great way to recycle old jewels that are too tight.

What will you need? A scarf (not too small) and a pretty piece of jewelry (ring, necklace, bracelet. . )



  1. Tie your scarf, for instance fold it in a triangle and wrap it around your shoulders.
  2. Take a ring (for example) and put it around the joined ends of the scarf.
  3. Tie it off in a large knot to avoid losing the ring.

If you use a necklace or bracelet, wrap it several times. Be careful to securely fix the jewels in place.

You can also put the piece of jewelry around one end of the scarf and then tie the scarf if you are worried about losing it.

It is easy, quick and elegant! Do not forget to leave a comment or to share this post!comtesse-sofia-signature3



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How to tie a scarf like a cowboy

For those of you who are fans of western movies or of Lucky Luke, this may sound familiar to you: a Stetson hat, a flannel checkered shirt or a denim shirt, santiag boots, blue jeans, a belt with a gun, a horse. . . And a scarf tied around the neck! You guessed it, we are talking about cowboys here, which got famous thanks to western movies. So today after the pirates, we are going to show you how to tie a scarf like a cowboy, but not like a 19th century’s Far West cowboy, no! We are going to show you how to tie a scarf like a modern cowboy and give you some styling tips!


Comtesse Sofia scarf : Rendezvous in Tuileries

You will need: a square scarf in a natural fabric if possible, which allows the skin to breathe (cotton, wool, silk. . .)


How to?


Fold the scarf in half so as to get a triangle and tie it behind the neck. That’s it!


Posh24 : D&G 2010, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus

What do I wear it with?

  • head-to-toe denim look : with a denim shirt and blue jeans. You can play with the colors or in the contrary wear the same colors. To make this look sexier, high heels are necessary!
  • Cow-girl : A big hat and a chekered shirt as the cowboy inspiration paired with well-tailored skinny jeans and low-boots wiht heels to add a more feminine vibe.
  • Chic look: a blazer, white shirt, carrot pants and stilettos.
  • Romantic look: with a wide-brimmed hat, a long dress, and sandals.
  • Rock : a blouse, a leather biker jacket and boots or flats.

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How to tie a square scarf around the neck

We have already seen how to wear a scarf in your hair, or how to tie a scarf. Today, you are going to discover different ways to wear a square scarf. And at the end of the article, a little bonus just for you ;)

Little poll : how many ways to tie a scarf do you know and how do you tie your scarf in your everyday life? If you are tired of simply wearing it wrapped around the neck, which is the classical method, we have selected for you a few ways to tie a square scarf around the neck. Your only worry now is to pick a favorite!

  •  For all sizes and for big scarves:

Rendez-vous in Tuileries,

1. Cow-boy : Fold the scarf in a triangle and tie it at the back of the neck.


Miriam from is wearing Afternoon on Carmine Street by Comtesse Sofia

2. Trendy knot : To be trendy chic like Miriam, fold the scarf in a triangle. Wrap it around your neck and tie it on the chest. You can tuck the knot under the scarf if you want to. 

3. Parisian grace : Like Damy from the Gamine de Paris blog, fold it in a triangle and wrap it loosely around your neck, without tying it. 

4. Effortless chic : To be minimalist chic like Victoria, fold your scarf into a rectangle until it is the width you want. Wear it around the soulders without tying it. With a blazer or an unbuttoned coat, this is minimalist chic at its best ;) 

5. Infinite scarf : fold the scarf, tie the two ends together and wrap the scarf around your neck. Make sure the knot is hidden. You can also choose not to tie it like Damy did.

6. Elégante : Fold the scarf, put it around your neck and tie it loosely, or let it fall gracefully. You can add a little piece of jewelry.  

  •  For a small square scarf :

1. Preppy chic :wrap it around your neck, and tie it at the base of your neck.

2. Feminine tie : tie the scarf like a tie, but loosely. Add a ring for a more feminine finish.

BONUS : a video that teaches you 25 ways to tie a scarf in less than 5 minutes!

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Hair accessory for short hair: bandana

Those of you with short hair are most likely wondering how they can style it to twist their hair routine a little bit. Have you considered hair accessories? Remember, we have already shown you how to tie your scarf for a pin-up look, and how to wear a scarf as a turban. Today, let us show you that a bandana, a small square scarf is perfect to enhance your hair! To know how to tie it in three simple and easy steps, you have come to the right place! Follow our lead. . .


Agyness Deyn, (, Roman Holiday by Comtesse Sofia

What will you need? 

- a small square scarf, a bandana or a hair ribbon. Depending on what your style is, you can choose it studded, printed, with sequins. . . So long as it does not sting or itch.

How to? Continue reading

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How to tie a scarf around the wrist – the bracelet

Every woman owns at least one bracelet in her jewelry box. However, bracelets tend to be heavy, noisy and chunky. We have already seen how to tie a scarf as a watch bracelet’s. Today we are going to see how your can wear a little square scarf around your wrist, as a bracelet! That way, your wrist feels lighter, but it is still beautifully covered!

You will need: just one square scarf! It is easier to do this with some help from a friend, but if you do it on your own, do it on a flat surface.

If the scarf is too big, just fold it several times. Do not hesitate to take a bright, bold printed scarf. This is the ideal opportunity to be original and stand out from the crowd!

Instructions : fold the scarf into a long rectangle or twist it. Wrap the scarf around your wrist, and make a knot or criss-cross the two ends, as if you were tying a turban (click here to see the turban tutorial).

Use your imagination: You can take several scarves that you will overlap, or braid them together.

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How to accessorize a scarf

A scarf is a wonderful accessory, we already know that. But there are also other accessories that deserve our love. We have already presented the brooches to accessorize your scarves. So today we are going to show you how to accessorize your scarf in order to look even better :


Cyparisse Breeze,

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