Which gift for Valentine’s day (women version)

Tik Tak, gentlemen, the most romantic day of the year is coming… but i’m hearing wondering « what do you mean ? » « which romantic day ? »… I really hope you’re jocking but unfortunatelly for some of you, you don’t really know. This big day is Valentine’s day of course ! And who says romantic day says gift ; but don’t worry , Comtesse Sofia is here to advice you as we already did on our previous posts about birthday or christmas. So, follow the guide !

1) The classic one:

Which women doesn’t like jewels? Of course, not yours! This gift will always make a woman happy but you have to not make a mistake, so we advice you to choose something simple, don’t hesitate to ask your mother or sister to help you to choose it or even the sales clerk, he will give you good advices, I guess. Don’t choose something really expensive because you’ll have to do better on her birthday or Christmas, so don’t put the bar very high.

comtesse-sofia-scarves-gift-valentine's day-woman-jewel-gold-silver


2) The sexy one:

Who says romantic day or night says sexy outfit, so if you know that your wife/fiancée/girlfriend and you will pass a good evening, you can offer her sexy clothes, of course it can be lingerie but it can also be a very sexy dress or top that you know she had a crush on it.

comtesse-sofia-scarf-scarves-dress-sexy-outfit-gift-valentine's day


3) The original one:

This is an original gift : it is less complicated than perfume and it’s more personal than flowers or chocolates. It is a suitable gift for every women and can be worn for any occasion and compliments any garment. Thanks to the wide range of colors you can choose your gift for a particular event. Anyway, wearing this scarf sends out the image of someone who takes care of himself. It can be worn around the neck. This a comfortable trend.

carmine-scarves-comtesse-sofia-gift-valentine's day-red

Comtesse Sofia


I really hope this post helped you to find your special gift for this special and romantic day. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you and which gift did you offer by leaving a reply.


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How to wear your scarf like in fashion shows 

Right now it’s the fashion week in Paris, and the thing that we’ve noticed is that this year the scarf has been in the place of honour. Wether it is during the fashion shows or in the front rows, everyone seemed to have a crush for this classy and trendy accessory






To know how to wear your scarf in a very trendy way, here is a simple tutorial :

  1. Diagonally fold the scarf in two so it forms a triangle.
  2. Hold the scarf in front of you and cross the loose ends behind your neck, bringing them to your chest.
  3. You can leave them hanging, or you can make a knot! 

Comtesse Sofia

It works very well with scarves of all sizes. You are now ready to attend any show by looking elegant and trendy.



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First day of sales: tips from Comtesse Sofia

The big is finally here, one of most important day in a girl’s year: i’m obviously talking about the first day of SALES!! I can hear your heart beatting fast, happy tears which are starting to fall. But, did you ever wondered how to prepare yourself for this day? If your answer is no or we don’t need to prepare, I’m unfortunately obliged to tell you that you’re totally wrong my dears, but don’t worry, once again Comtesse Sofia is here to save you…

Here are some tips to be well prepared the d-day:

1) First of all, as you know, you’ll be standing during a long time doing the queue at the checkpoint and walking from stores to stores, so what you have to know is that your shoes can be your best friend or your worst ennemy, so choose the right one, those which will be comfortable and light that you can wear it all day long. Another little advice, choose ones which can be removed easily, do not wear thigh boots with laces.



2) Just once will not hurt, we advice you to go by car, like that you can believe yourself from all your buyings as one goes along to not be exhausted at the end of the day.




3) Third and last advice, above all during the winter sales, don’t hesitate to dress warm, even if you know you’ll be warm in the stores because of the different heatings, it’s a trap and you can easily get sick like this. Indeed, the temperatures changes are very dangerous for your health, so bring with you your Comtesse Sofia’s scarf and everything will be alright!


Comtesse Sofia

I really hope you’ve liked our tips and that helped you for your first day of sales, don’t hesitate to tell us what do you think and what did you buy during this sales by leaving a reply or share this article.



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How to wear your scarf for a girl’s night out?

According to you, what is the best activity for a girl after shopping ? Seeing her girls friends, of course! To have a drink with them, talking about men, work or school, a typical girl’s night out, actually. So, today, Comtesse Sofia decides to help you to choose how to wear your scarf for this evening.

First of all, you can wear it in a simple and chic way but you can also have fun and try new thing especially in hairstyles.

This year, the most trendiest way to wear your scarf is as a turban, it’s really chic and super trendy. It will also sublimate your entire outfit. For more details, click here.


Comtesse Sofia


The other way to wear your scarf in your hair is to wear it with a bun. Indeed, this fashion trend has been explosed this year, it’s really the must-have this season. You can easily reproduce it at home, you can all the steps by clicking here.



You can obviously wear it in different ways if you like, just be yourself, it’s the most important.

I really hope you’ve liked this post, and if you have a girl’s night out, don’t forget to have fun, you can telling us if you did by leaving a reply or sharing this article.







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Hairstyle tutorial: the bow-bun

Today, we’ve decided to share with you another hairstyle tutorial very trendy this season ; it’s the bow-bun. If you want to, you can see our previous tutorial like the trendiest hairstyles with a scarf for example. So, today we are going to see how to get a bow-bun step by step…. Let’s started!

Before beginning, make sure you’ve straightened your hair, it will be harder if you don’t, you would risk to have rebel locks or the hairstyle will not hold all the day long.



Of course, you can accessorize this hairstyle as you want, for example by adding a headband or a scarf. This tutorial is quite easy to do by yourself  and goes for every kind of hair.


I hope you’ve liked this tutorial, so don’t hesitate what you think about and if you want another hairstyle tutorial in the next weeks just by leaving a reply.


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New Year’s Eve : how to wear your scarf!

Hello ladies ! As you know, New Year’s Eve is coming so that means party but also new outfit to wear, and after Christmas Eve and Christmas, maybe you had use all your ideas. But don’t worry, Comtesse Sofia is here to help you. In this post we are going to see how you can up a basic outfit thanks to your scarf. So, after how to wear it for a date or a wedding, let’s see how to wear your scarf for the New Year’s eve.


The first look is quite basic, just a little black dress that you will accessorize to sublimate it. If you know that your party will be a very well-dressed one, don’t hesitate to wear your scarf as a shawl. Put the shawl on your shoulders and tie it very lightly on your cheast.


Comtesse Sofia

For the second look, if it’s a party with friends or family, you can wear your scarf in your hair by trying chic and simple hairstyles. You can try different looks,but the most trendiest are the turban and the bun. It will really sublimate your outfit.


Comtesse Sofia

bun-chic-cute-look-inspiration-scarves-how to


The last advice is to wear your scarf as a belt, you can do it as for the first look to upgrade a classic dress but you can also do it to give an original and hype style at your look.

belt-new year-eve-cute-chic-pretty-cool

Comtesse Sofia

Now, the only thing you have to do is to choose the way you want to wear your scarf and don’t hesitate which one did you choose, by leaving a rely.




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Which scarf for a birthday

Ladies, today we’ll try to help you to find the perfect gift for a birthday. We’ve already helped you to find the perfect gift for Christmas or mother’s day. The birthday of your best friend, sister or mother is coming and you still don’t what to offer for this special day? Comtesse Sofia is here to help you, so relax and just read.

If you’ve already read our blog, you know that Comtesse Sofia offer chic and trendy scarves and here we advice you how to wear it. So, today we’re going to show you why a scarf is a good idea for a birthday’s gift.


Why to choose a scarf as a gift?

A scarf is a good idea because it’s more personnal and original than perfume or flowers. It’s also more suitable, the personn will wear it more often than a top for example because it’s easier to adapt it with your outfit.


Comtesse Sofia

Why to choose a Comtesse Sofia’s scarf?

Comptesse Sofia is a brand which represents the chic and elegance from Paris. You also have a lot of choice, so you’ll always find that one scarf that will seduce you. Moreover, our scarves can adapt with any style and any taste that is THE accessory that will sublimate you and your outfit. You can wear it in different ways, as a headband, turban, shawl


Comtesse Sofia’s scarves

Comtesse Sofia also offers scarves for men, so if you don’t have any idea of gift for your boyfriend, best friend, brother… our classy scarves will upgrade his outfit and give him a very trendy attitude.


Comtesse Sofia

You can visit our website here, and don’t hesitate to let us know what did you think about this article and which one of our scarf do you prefer by leaving a reply.


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