How to get a 50′s and 60′s look with a scarf

This new post is devoted to the 50′s and 60′s and to symbolized this different looks, who’s better than the chameleon of fashion, the most famous hit girl in the world, i’m obviously talking about the one and only Kim Kardashian. Despite of all the negative criticism about her, Kim Kardashian won recognition these last couple of years as one of the most famous and photographed people in the world. She loves changing her look and today, we’re going to take interest in her 50′s and 60′s looks inspiration.

Kim Kardashian’s look has really came on a great deal these last years, so here is the first look that we suggest you. You must already know how to tie your scarf like this, we’ve seen it in a previous post, it’s quite easy.


This gorgeous outfit looks very 60′s, very chic and casual at the same time, ideal for a girls’ night out for exemple.


The strength of Kim Kardashian is that she has a very eclectic style, she can wear a casual look one day, and a very glamorous one the next day, she doesn’t want to be confine in one well-known style.


The second look is much more classy, very old hollywood. We’ve noticed that Kim Kardashian really loves the glamorous looks of the 40′s and 50′s when she treads upon the red carpet. With this scarf tied this way on her head, we immediatley remember Grace Kelly and others great actresses of the old Hollywood.

Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about this post, and if you want to get one about another star’s look inspiration.


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How to wear your scarf like Cara Delivingne

Cara Delevingne became in just couple of years one of the most famous and talented supermodel in the whole world. Thanks to her new status, she also became the muse of a lot of prestigious brand like Chanel or Yves Saint-Laurent. So, after showing you how to wear your head scarf like Ashley Olsen, today we are going to learn you how to put it like the elegant and trendy Cara Delevingne.


This first look is very easy to do and also to wear. It’s a bohemian look inspiration. You just have to take your scarffold and put it on your forehead and make sure the 2 ends are of the same length at the nape of your head and then just tie it behind your loose hair.

pretty-chic-inspiration-trendy-how to-head

The second look inspiration is how to wear a head scarf with a bun. It’s almost the same as the previous look but here you have to tie your scarf on your nape of the neck and let the knot appear at your right or left.


The last look is more elegant and chic, it is a 50′s inspiration, very « old hollywood ».To have this glamorous look, you just have to fold your scarf in two, put it on your head and tie it under your chin. Now you look trendy and very chic.


All this looks are quite easy to do, so have fun by trying all of them and see which one suits you the most, if it’s all of them, lucky you!! Don’t hesitate to share this post and to leave a reply, see you soon for another amazing post.









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How to wear a scarf for a date?

Every girl who read this post already knows this situation: what am I going to wear for my date tonight? or tomorrow night? for the most organized among you. It obviously depends of the place where you’ll go but for the most of the dates, they take place in a restaurant or in a cinema. After how to wear your scarf for a first day of work, let’s see how to wear it for a date.

The 3 reasons for you to wear a scarf for a date:

1) The scarf is a very trendy accessory, it can higlight a basic dress and gives a very chic and elegant way to your outfit.

2) If you don’t want to ruin your outfit by wearing a jacket, a scarf will be lighter and more elegant.

3) Even if it’s summer during the day, you can also have fresher evenings so, a scarf is a good idea to not getting cold.

pretty-chich-elegant-date-red-how to

You can wear your scarf in different ways, so here are some examples:

First of all, you can be original and trendy by wearing it as a belt, on your trench or on a basic black dress for example, you tie it under your chest and…that’s it, you’re ready for your date.


Comtesse Sofia

You can also adopt a very loose look, you don’t tie your scarf you just let it fall on your shoulders either on your chest or on your back, it gives a very trendy look.


Comtesse Sofia

The last look is really chic and goes to every woman, you round your scarf around you neck and tie it normally, it really highlits your outfit and give you an elegant and pretty look for your date.

scarf-elegant-dresse-how to-inspiration-date

Comtesse Sofia

So here you are ready to go out and have a romantic date, I hope that you’ve liked this post and that it helps you. Don’t hesitate to tell us what did you think about it by leaving a reply or share it.





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Coachella Festival 2014, scarves : must-have and fashion faux-pas

In previous articles, you’ve seen how to wear your scarf like Ashley Olsen or Amy Whinehouse, so today we’re going to show you the must-have and fashion faux-pas of your favorite stars at the Coachella Festival 2014.

Coachella 2014 : Must-have

Choose instead a colored scarf which will goes with your hair color and which will be more summery like the top Chanel Iman.


Chanel Iman,

This look is very original and above all very trendy for this season, you can adopt it without fear.


Katy Perry,

Here is one of the best summery hairstyle, Katy Perry wears her scarf as a headband tied with a bow tie. Her look is perfect for the summer.


Agyness Deyn,

The hairstyle not to miss this season and to immediatly reproduce to be hype and trendy in town : the scarf worn as a bandana around the head that we’ve seen on another famous top Agyness Deyn. She perfectly knew how to match the flashy red with the color of her hair.


Coachella Festival 2014 : Fashion faux-pas !


Vanessa Hudgens,

This look is the perfect definition of « too much », each accessory is great but all together it’s really really overabundanced. She wanted a bohemian chic look but with all of this we are a little bit lost and we don’t recognized the effect that she wanted : to avoid !


Alessandra Ambrosio,

The scarf is well tied but not enough, the ends overhang on the sides. The result is very vague, it’s not a trendy way to wear the scarf : to avoid !

If you want to learn how to tie your scarf in a trendy way, just click here !

Tell us if you’ve liked this post or if you want us to write an article about a precise subject, leave a reply.






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How to get dressed according to your morphology

To get well-dressed doesn’t depend only from if this accessory goes with this outfit or if this print goes well with this other one…the first thing you have to know before you choose or buy a cloth is what is your morpholgy? It looks insignificant but actually it is the most important question to know what to wear. In this post, we are going to see which cloth to wear with you morphology… Let’s started!!

First and foremost, we are going to determine what is your morphology. It exists 5 different types of morphology for women’s body, let’s see which one is yours.



For the Rectangle: It is a twig silhouette, a tall and slim woman, athletic with a little chest and hips, but your shoulders, waist and hips have a really good symmetry. For you, the best is to banish printed colored clothes which will made you bigger than you are and to favour fluid cuts which will not emphasized the waist.

For the Apple: the apple silhouette is for strong and luscious women, all the body parts are in curves (shoulders,legs,hips..) and the waist is not much emphasized. You have to banish the clothes in stretch which will hug you too much and favour fluid cuts. You can also wear low V or U-necked and straight jackets. You can also wear your scarf falling on each side of your chest to make you look taller.

For the Pear: If your shoulders build is slimmer than your hips, it means that you are in A, like a pyramide. You are narrowed-shoulders but luscious on your hips and buttocks. You have to stress on the top of your body to balance the whole silhouette. Choose low V-necked or low U-necked and on the bottom stay unobtrusive with a straight skirt or a straight trousers.

For the Hourglass: The hourglass silhouette is also considered as the ideal silhouette. You have a very slim waist and your shoulders and hips are perfectly aligned. If you have this silhouette, you are so lucky because you can wear everything you want, so make the most by bringing a touch of madness to your outfit.

For the Inverted Triangle: You have a V silhouette, it means that you are broad-shouldered with a chest and a waist not much emphasized. This kind of silhouette indicates athletic people. You can wear boat, asymmetrical neck and V-neck. You have to run away from shoulder pad jackets and tops with slim straps. On the bottom, you can bring some volume by wearing patterns and printed or for example trapeze skirt.

chic-pretty-look-inspiration-stole-shawl-how to

Voilà! Now you know what kind of silhouette and morphology you have and how to put it forward. I hope you’ve liked this post and if you want to ask some question or just tell us what did you think about, don’t hesitate to leave a reply.


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The different scarves in history

 Let me introduce you to a new chapter of scarves’s history : Today we are going to tell you more about the past and the evolution of the scarf during the centuries, their ways to tie scarves… Follow the guide, you will know everything there is to know.

The origin of the French word “foulard” (scarf) is uncertain, but it seems that the word finds its origins from the French verb “fouler” which refers to the technique of crushing – before the advent of textile machines, people stepped on the textiles under feet like grapes to soften the fabric and strengthen the fibres.

In the Middle Ages, the history of the scarf is intertwined with that of the veil.  Ladies from the nobility wore the Hennin, which was a pointed hat, often with two horns of variable height adorned with a veil on its end. The height determined the nobility and the extent of the lady’s wealth. It was women’s key fashion accessory in 1440.

The hennin



Indeed, French women have long worn caps, while the scarf remained an economic and practical choice. In the 18th century it was common to include scarves, ribbons, feathers and even plants or fruits in the headdress.

Eighteenth century hand painted print of a lady with a contemporary up-do



Today scarves in France can of course be worn in many different ways: tied on the forehead or neck it highlights the beauty of the face, worn on the waist it enhances the finesse of the silhouette. There are also different ways to tie the scarf on the head:

The rustic way to tie a scarf is very simple. Fold the scarf into a triangle, attach the widest part on the forehead, and tie the ends underneath the hair.


Comtesse Sofia

Gypsy way to tie a scarf. The knot is on the side. The tips are usually hidden under the scarf.




Comtesse Sofia

Pirate way to tie a scarf – ideal for the sea and the beach, it protects the hair against the sun, wind and sand. This method is similar to the rustic way, but the knot does not go under the hair but to the side, like with a bandana.


Comtesse Sofia

And now about shawls. This word comes from the Persian word “schal”.

The fashion of shawls came to Europe after the Egyptian campaign of Napoleon Bonaparte. Thus Napoleon had brought to his beloved Josephine de Beauharnais many gifts, among which large quantities of cashmere and of course cashmere shawls.

Josephine de Beauharnais had 400 shawls, she attached them to her dresses, she used them as bedspreads, she made pillows from them and even used them for her dog’s bed.

Very soon in France shawls production of different cloths started. The shawl quickly gave birth to a narrow scarf, which was a winter accessory essential to protect oneself from the cold, and in summer it was turned into a light shawl, which served only as ornament.

Thereafter, the shawls became luxury items and they cost a small fortune. It was humiliating and devastating for ladies not to have it in their wardrobe. And if their budgets were not sufficient to allow them to buy at least one shawl, some could get it as a gift from a wealthy admirer.

Today shawls can complete costumes or can be used as a light blanket, for instance.


Comtesse Sofia


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How to tie a scarf: the braid-knot

As you can see, we are not tired of scarves. We are always looking for new ways to style and tie them. Today, we are going to show you how to tie your scarf into a braid-knot. This chic and elegant look will most likely impress all of your friends.


Meet the braid-knot, who we have fallen in love with. It is very simple to do, as proven by the pictures from the tutorial below. Upon seeing you with this braid knot, we are willing to bet your friends and relatives will ask you how you did it!


To get this look, you will need: a scarf or a stole. It should be rectangular and long enough to tie a few knots.

This knot is very chic and although it does not look like it, it is actually simple to do. It is perfect for cold weather, and adds a little quirky flair to your long winter coat.

We have other styles to show you but one thing at a time! In the meantime, feel free to give us your opinion in the comments below or to share this post! 


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